Two Lives?

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The bible says somethings about us that can appear as mysteries…

How can I be as righteous as God and as unrighteous as a human at the same time?

How can I be a brand new creation and feel like just a normal person?

How can I be seated in heavenly places and walking on earth at the same time?

How can I the new creation sin when the bible says the new creation can not sin?

How can it be no longer I that live’s, when I know very well that I am alive?

Is this all just mumbo jumbo? Is the bible just talking symbolically? Is it just positionally speaking? Is it one day in the future or is it now?

This website exists to tell you it is now!

Here is the answer to your mystery… you are an interdimensional being.

Right now you are seated in heavenly places in Christ, heavenly places are not in a galaxy far far away somewhere, it is in a different dimension here, just like angels dwell all around us in a different dimension.

You are both in heavenly places and in the physical realm, you are both a spirit and a body. Your spirit is in the spiritual realm and your body is in this physical realm.

In the spirit, Christ is your life, you are one with Him, in the natural you appear as the same old you.

So do you have two lives? Well we are not suppose to, but because we walk in the flesh so much we experience two conflicting lives.

Though we may experience two conflicting lives, it is played out in one conscious realm.   In this life we live in the flesh we are only conscious of what we are conscious about, we are only aware of what we are aware of, it is called our conscious life or consciousness.

The consciousness we live is made up of two parts, those two parts are made up of many parts. The two parts are our heart and our head. Both those speak to us, however the speaking or rather thoughts that we are hearing, may or may not be you.

As well as our own thoughts the Lord will be speaking to you and where the enemy has found place in you, you will be influenced there too. Many of us think what we hear is us, but it’s not. Until you become more spiritually aware you will accept the enemy and God speaking to you as if it were you.

When you tune this conscious life “that we live in the flesh” more into the spirit, then this is called walking in the spirit, walking in the spirit is our consciousness cleared of the flesh so we can be who we really are, a spirit filled with His light and love. Walking in the flesh is our consciousness filled with thoughts and desires of the flesh, and the spirit of this world.

The movie Avatar was almost like a picture of how we function, in the movie the main character controlled another body from a control pod, his consciousness was totally in the artificial body, but unlike us, he could not tune into where his real body was.

We are like that in the spirit, we are a new creation, born of spirit not of flesh, we are perfect and complete in the spirit with Christ’s life, from the spirit we are suppose to control this natural body, unfortunately through trickery, confusion and lack of understanding, this body normally ends up controlling us.

Take off this body like a coat and you will quickly realise it is not you, just the house you lived in on earth, or to use an old testament parallel, the promised land you lived in, a land you were called to conquer.

So you dwell in heavenly places in Christ, this is your real life, but your awareness dwells  wherever you consciously are. In the movie the Avatar controller could not have his conscious life in two places. He had to disengage, completely, we are called to dwell with awareness in heavenly places while running this machine we live in.

This is why the bible can say things about you that are very hard to believe as real. The things the bible says about us can appear to be a million miles away from the truth, it’s  just because we are more fleshly aware than spiritually aware.

There is real truth and apparent truth, the real truth is that Christ is your life and as He is in heaven so are you, the real truth is that you are God’s very real offspring and you are identical to Him (in Christ), we need to stop looking at the apparent truth and believe the real truth.

You are an interdimensional being, dwelling in heavenly places in Christ with His life, believe it and your faith and your spiritual awareness will sky rocket.

The son’s and Daughter’s of God ought to be dwelling with their Father in Heaven in unapproachable light, but because they are blinded to who they really are, they are walking like mere men, and sadly that makes them poor, blind, wretched and naked.

What should we do?

Ephesians 5:14 says… Awake you that sleep, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light.

What does that mean? It means you are not just a Christian, Awake son or daughter of God, rise from the dead, realize you are not the old life, it has been done away with, you are a brand new perfect and incorruptible spiritual life, you are just living in your old life, when you realize this you arise from the dead, then Christ can give you light, light upon light and truth upon truth.

The new creation is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him. Colossians 3:10

So cast off the old identity, You are identical to your Father God, it’s time you understood that.

The fullness of God’s call to you is not for you to be just a nice person with a godly  character. God wants you to come to the full stature of Christ (who is God) and be filled with all the fullness of God.

We only have one life and it’s identical to your Father in Heaven.

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