Testimony Of Jesus

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How to make the promises real and the anointing flow into your life.

There are three ways the Church views God’s promises.

1. Not at all, either by doctrine or by just sheer religion this viewpoint is self explanatory.

2. Positionally, this viewpoint is pie in the sky, one day, when we get to heaven. It’s not real on the earth, it is all one day, or how God sees us. For example we are positionally in Christ, and positionally it is no longer I that lives. It is not believed as real.

3. Literally, this viewpoint, is what this website teaches. When the bible says all old things have passed away, it is literal not some future day promise.

Healing is a good example, 1 Peter 2:24 by His stripes you were healed, and Isaiah 53. He took all our sicknesses and infirmities. Many people say, “To say I was healed is easy to say, but hey, I’m still sick”.

So many come to the conclusion that they were positionally healed. Which would be a fair statement, as you could see why much of the church comes to that conclusion. Then you could say faith takes positional and makes it literal. However is not the correct view though.

You were literally healed, but it is not manifest in the world. Here are the two sides of literal Promises.

Literal dormant, (or Literal Positional), the promises are real, and complete, and yours, and you have them but they are not seen, not applied, not evident.

Literal experienced, Faith is what takes the literal promises of God and makes them experienced in this world, for example, you were healed, or it is no longer I that lives but Christ, or this one, I am the righteousness of God in Christ. Believe it literally and it becomes experienced in this world, the truth is now able to make you free and healed.

Though the promises are real at God’s end, it takes faith to bring them to experienced at this end. In the spiritual realm you are healed and all the promises are yours. In the natural realm you live and experience what you believe the most. If you have a open and believing heart that you are now 100% healed the truth will set you free.

I am talking about a very real substance called faith, not hope, not mere belief, I know that I know kind of faith, even though it is not manifest, and it has to be a now faith, I’ve got it now! You will know if you have reached this kind of faith because it is a substance, you just don’t hope anymore, you know that you know, and you have the joy to confirm it.

How do we get that faith?

We don’t need to convince God we just need to know how to do it…

Our lives perish or are transformed by knowledge, this is extremely true and easily seen with our identity, without knowledge we don’t know who we are, and only God knows who we are.  We need God’s knowledge and information.

The spiritual realm is controlled by spirit, the natural realm is controlled by soul, or better put information. Now regarding God’s promises the information, (soul), must line up with the spirit, for whatever information is ruling will rule. Think of it like the operating system on a computer, only the operating system that is running and functioning runs the computer.

You have the faith already, God has given us all a measure of faith, you just may be having it in the wrong things, correct faith looks at God, incorrect faith looks at the circumstances, this is also called unbelief.

All faith is; is belief that has been purged of hope, fear and doubt. Faith is measured not in size but in proof, like alcohol, 100% alcohol, so faith is just purified belief.

Add belief, knowledge of the promise and hope together, boil it all up in a pot until it  becomes 100%, and it becomes “I am fully convinced” and “I know that I know that I have it”. Not God can, but God has!

So with that being said, what we are saying is, you are likened to being on one side of a wall, (soul), and proclaiming what you see on the other side of the wall, (spirit), and when you are fully convinced that it is your conscious reality, the wall is taken away. For if you know the truth, the truth will set you free, (John 8:32).

This will change the base code of your operating system, this is called being transformed by the renewing of your mind by the word of God, (Romans 12:2).

This is also called renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him (Colossians 3:10)

Furthermore it is  called beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit, (2 Corinthians 3:18).

That is the ground work out of the way, now the Testimony of Jesus.

We have the testimony of Jesus, what is the testimony of Jesus?

Lets think about that,…

Imagine what it was like at the resurrection, the Lord Jesus Christ, the creator of the universe risen from the dead. The bible says you rose with Him, in Him, hidden in Him, so that now He is your life. Your unique personality born again with His life.

What do you see….

Jesus has risen from the dead, thats our testimony in Christ too.

All old life is gone, the new has come, we have that testimony too.

Jesus is the righteousness of God, that’s our testimony in Christ too.

Jesus will live forever, that’s our testimony too.

Jesus is the son of God, so are we in Him.

Lets go to heavenly places and see Jesus testimony there.

Jesus owns all things, so do we in Him.

Seated at the right hand of God, glorified.

Jesus is forever blessed, so are we in Him.

You get the idea, now apply it, reading about it will only get you so far.

Behold him and realize you’re looking in a mirror, see Him at the resurrection, see you’re immersed (baptised into Him, identical in the spirit, you’re completely healed, completely whole, completely perfect.

We live on this side of the wall, natural realm, but gain victory by knowing the other side of the wall (spirit). Know it and it will pull down that soul wall.

Take a look at what the word says about you in the spirit and proclaim what you see, there is a principal in Romans 10:10 when the heart believes unto righteousness, (or any other promise or truth), confession is made unto salvation, (which means complete wholeness).

Go on do it!

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