Not One Good Thing

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All is yours.

For all the promises of God in him are yes, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us. (2 Corinthians 1:20).

Everything we need for life and godliness He has supplied. (2 Peter 1:3).

And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; (Romans 8:17).

Do you not know all things are yours. (1 Corinthians 3:21-23).

God will not hold back one good thing from you. Psalm 84:11.

So get the picture, you are one with Christ, because He owns everything, you own everything. God will not hold one good thing back from Him, and because you are one with Him, He will not hold one thing back from you.

All spiritual blessings? yes and amen, anything adding to life and godliness? Yes and Amen, Any good thing? Yes and Amen.

My point is not about bad things that your flesh is requesting.

My point is the good things.. how come you are lacking them?

So what is the block?

God say yes and you say yes, so God is wanting you to have it, and you are wanting to have it.

I have seen a revival that was roaring and ready to go that God wanted to release (maybe even had been released many many years ago) but was bound up by men and devils. So people are saying “God we want revival” and God is saying “I want revival”.

What is the block?

What is the block to you getting your personal revival, your healing, your deliverance, your freedom from oppression?

Maybe God is holding it back, saying pay for it with your prayers, fast more, hunger more? No, that is not true, don’t believe it, its a religious spirit!

Jesus showed in Matthew 17 that when the disciples couldn’t heal a little boy, that the block was at their end, not God’s end.

God wanted it done but man’s unbelief was the block. God works through our faith! Jesus turned to the disciples and said, you perverse generation how long will I suffer with you? He says you need to fast and pray because you are so perverse and it robs your faith. What does He mean by perverse? Jesus is saying, [my paraphrase], you are believing lies about God and it robs your faith away. Stop allowing the enemy to fill you with doubt. You need to get into a better spiritual place, your flesh is ruling.

Let me ask you, if Jesus asked for what you are asking for, would He get your breakthrough? YES.

The problem is soul blocks. Somewhere in the basement of your faith you have a block that is saying, “God is not willing or able”.

God can heal the whole world in a split second, but He put us here to produce faith, hope and love, so it goes against His prime objectives to override our faith. All faith is, is knowing God, you say well I know Him, if you did you would get what you asked for almost instantly. To know Him is to believe Him.

Everything He has, He as with open hands, God is love and does not have any locks on His doors. Every spiritual blessing is Yes and Amen. The blocks are at our end, we need to be like the lady with the issue of blood who touched Jesus and got healed.

Who healed her? Well it is clear Jesus never, He said who touched me, He was saying who took that healing from Me? Then He commended her on her great faith.

See God has all His good things ready to be taken, for He is love, and gives freely, you don’t have to plead, fast, or cry out. You just have to have a faith that says i know that i know it is mine, and i have it, whether you see it or not. I am talking about a substance not a hope, don’t stand on a hope, you will receive nothing, (James 1).

Faith is something that is so solid and real, so that you are so convinced that you know, even though you have not seen it. This is the vacuum cleaner that sucks blessing from God’s store house, Like that woman with the issue of blood.

So what is the block? Sin is the main block!

The enemy grabs the law of sin and death and uses your lack of perfection against you, saying things like “God obviously doesn’t want you to have that because you did that……” or “you are not worthy to have that”, or “God is not willing or able”.

What is the answer?

Oneness with Christ in your beliefs.

You already are one in the spirit but we need to become one in our beliefs, yes, we are already identical, we just need to get our hearts and minds to believe it.

This is the way forward.

Why don’t I feel identical? Because your soul is so trained by the world around you that its loud voice drowns out the real truth. The work of God is to believe on Him who He sent, (Jesus), and the only thing the bible instructs you to strive for is to enter His rest, in other words believe in God’s performance at Calvary, rather than your performance to gain favor.

Many people fast and pray to try and get things from God, as the bible says fasting humbles the soul, in other words, it will clean away the flesh’s control off your spirit.

However don’t fast to get rid of sin, sure fast, but to realize you are one with Him, but DON’T try and earn anything from God by fasting, as that is just wrong and ultimately  influence from a demonic spirit of religion. All things are yours in Christ and nothing is yours in Adam. All things, what can your fasting buy then? Absolutely nothing.

We need to separate soul from spirit, our soul blunders it’s way through this life, trying to get this life right, we need to separate it from your real life, which is one with Christ and one with God your father.

The problem with the soul life is, we only have one consciousness, and it is shared between, you the new life, and all the old life’s, the memories, training, habits, education, roles, interests, desires, unbelief, fears, failings, areas that are still inhabited with the enemies influence, in other words all the old inhabitants.

Recode the error, take the land.

It is likened to the children of Israel going into the promised land that God said was theirs, then feeling all bad because they thought God will deal with them according to the Hittites and the Jebusites, because they shared the same land. This is identical picture to our consciousness, the battle between flesh and spirit.

God said to the Israelites remember who you are, don’t allow gentiles into your house, don’t make covenants with them. This is why we separate soul from spirit, don’t allow the old flesh thoughts into your house, don’t make covenants with them. The old you is gone, don’t allow its memories and encodings drag you back to being a mere human.

Your soul was trained by the spirit of this world, it is sin encoded to the core. Sure you are overcoming it, sure you are taking city by city, but because it feels like you, you think the sin and flaws are you.

Know this it is the sin within you that sins, sure it feels like you because you made a covenant with its sin by accepting it as you, thus allowing it to become one with you. Get rid of it, by realizing you are identical to Him and that it is only an old inhabitant you haven’t re-coded yet. It is no more you than your body is you.

This is why the church is poor, blind, wretched and naked. Because they are aligning with the Adam identity within, rather than believing God’s word, which says the are brand new and holy.

Start to dwell at the resurrection and see that you are complete in Him,. like Him, perfect and holy, because He is your life. Then your faith will be like the woman with the issue of blood, you will take everything that God says is yours, that he says he will not hold back from you.

Stop getting robbed by your old Adam identity!!

Weed the law of sin and death out of your basement beliefs, so that freely freely you receive, then you will know the truth and it will set you free.

See, Governing Laws, Cart Before the Horse and Separation.


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