How to get transformed

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How do I get my life transformed from the gunk that I see? How do I overcome the ways of my old life?

Know this that the grace message can set you free from condemnation and open the door for you to come to God freely, but it can’t clean you up. For example if you have a lying spirit baptising you, you will struggle with lying until its removed, if you have life habits that are well established in your brain you will most likely walk them out.

If you could imagine a glorious angel coming and inhabiting a 35 year olds body? Lets say they swapped places. What would it be like for that angel? Would it be powerful and instantly able to change the world?

I do not believe so, I believe it would struggle and wrestle with the automated machine it has just entered. The angels thoughts would have been pure and ordered while in the spiritual realm but as soon as it put of the flesh, it would become gunked, blinded, confused and dull. The brain would be chattering away all this gibberish, the heart would be tugging the angel to things it did not want to do. Especially because the enemy (called sin) the deceitfully wicked intelligent enemy, would be working that flesh machine to make the angel contained and ineffective.

The body is a flesh machine, the machine is controlled by the brain. The brain has five trillion neurons that are fully mapped to the life the person has experienced on this earth. The brain is controlled by the heart which has 40,000 neurons, these store all the desires of the person.

There are two places your identity is found within you,

  1. In your brain and hearts  encoded neurons
  2. Because you are a new creation it is found in you the spirit.

When the Lord brought me before Him shining like the sun in its fullness, I was the same person but my earthly identity of an underlying shame was far from me. When I returned to my normal state, the typical identity was back (story here).

When you walk in the new identity you start encoding a new identity in the brain, then these two identities will struggle against each other, until one overcomes the other.

Just like when you walk in the spirit you start encoding the fruit of the spirit into your brain, if you are a Christian and you do not walk in the spirit you will not manifest the fruit of the spirit, because what you walk in is encoded in the brain.

So the angel would instantly wrestle with the established encoding, the reward pathways, the established habits, the automated patterns of thought and desire within the brain and heart.

The advantage the angel would have is; the angel knows who it is, and knows the opposite is not it. You however got born-again, you are now a perfect new superior type of creation inside an established old life. You are now using the word of God to divide soul from soul and spirit from spirit (Heb 4:12). Sure you maybe struggling to find out who you are but we are all fighting this fight and the day is starting to dawn on the church.

Here is a great question… Do you still have a sinful nature?

The answer is no! but yes.

No you don’t, as all old things passed away and behold all things have become new. What you do have is a brain that is mapped by the old sinful nature and the spirit of this world. The enemy only has place in your brains thoughts where it has its mapping. So although you don’t have a sinful nature it is as if you still do, why? because the enemy (sin the deceitfully wicked thing) is actively working its encoded portion of your brain. The demonic realm is actively trying to make you ineffective and small.

The old testament shadow of this was modelled by the Children of Israel making covenants of peace with the enemy they were called to drive out, allowing gentiles into their houses and to freely dwell amongst them, also marrying their sons and daughters. So like them we need to stop taking on the identity of our old life, marrying it, allowing it in our heart, taking on its issues – then we will encode the new life in the brain and go from glory to glory.

I had a dream, in the dream people where bending down helping people care for a garden, the people had light emanating from the heads for about a meter (3 ft) all around. The light was from a different realm, it didn’t cast shadows, it didn’t light up things.

So why in the dream did they have light shining three feet all around? Because they had remapped their brain with the same identity of their new perfect life within (Christ is your perfect life, you hidden in Him, one with Him)

Why in the dream were they bent down working with people in a garden? because it was showing that the identity transition was not just a head thing, it will produce the love and humility – and the action of you being about your Fathers business.

We are the sons and daughters of the living God, we are not our fallen flesh. You say… “but I feel like its me”, “I feel like its me that wants to do it!” Don’t get tricked, It’s not you, you are likened to Lazarus smelling the death clothes, feeling the bondage, experiencing the darkness. That angel would struggle just as much, especially if it started listening to the continual bombardment from the heart and brain. The same way that angel would get victory is the same way you do, by knowing who you are and finding strength by walking in the spirit, its hard to fight a spiritual battle in the flesh, so stay saturated in the Holy Spirit..

Hollywood loves to make movies where two people swap bodies, it doesn’t work because they would have to swap brains and hearts as well, they are trying to say that spirit/soul will be the only voice, its just not true, each would be totally swamped with the thoughts and desires of the other person. It is very hard to decern the diffence between old you and new you, only the word of God is able to do this.

For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Heb 4:12

This is the battle we are called to overcome, this struggle is ‘brain and heart neurons’ vs ‘brain and heart neurons’. Walk in the new and you will recode the new, walk in the old and you will reinforce the old. Whatever is encoded is what will appear in the earth, if you want to manifest His glory you must remap the neurons with His image.

The old life is the Adam creation and God will not share His glory with Adam, only with Christ, Adam is a fallen being and seeks to glorify itself, Christ seeks to glorify God. Your new life is now one with Christ, the blessings are only to Christ, we are hidden in Him. You have Christ’s glory if you have His mind but if you have Adam’s mind you will be shunned. God gives you nothing but death outside of Christ.

This awaking to your new life, is an arising from the dead, it is likened to you arising out of the sewer, you becoming a slippery pole the enemy can’t hold on to. As you go on and your new life has expression in the brain you will feel the power within you, a new strength to arise from the deadness of the old identity, not only from glory to glory but strength to strength.

Who’s idea was this battle? Who’s idea was it for me to struggle against my old identity? God’s, He says if you want to go from glory to glory you must renew your identity with His image, see 2 Cor 3:18

Your heavenly Father will help you every step of the way, He knows you are in His image, He knows you just have to be renewed in this knowledge. We are in His body now we just need to grow into the head.

When you take off this body (die) you will realise you are perfect and are the righteousness of God in Christ, don’t wait until then to find out this truth, you are like that now inside that body of death.

The glory of the old covenant of death caused Moses face to shine, how much more the glory of the new covenant will we shine? You can be a forerunner, all of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. You may have been one of the people that I dreamed about, so get that brain and heart encoded with you hidden in Christ’s identity and when you do you will shine.

Race you there!!

ps… Adam can’t get there, ego has to go!

First place to start? The Heart!

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