Hidden in Christ

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This message follows on from the message, Governing Laws (part 1).

The enemy is always trying to make you ineffective, he is continually using lies in attempt to bring you under oppression; lies like law of sin and death, measuring your effort and performance to either drive you with religion or slow you down, his dream is to make you hide your face from your heavenly father.

One of the lies is, you are in yourself, weird thing to say, but just follow this for a bit.

You are not in your old life (only its body), you are hidden in Christ (Colossians 3:3).

What does it mean to be hidden in Christ?

1. What does hidden mean? Hidden means; unrevealed, unseen, covert, consealed, covered, difficult to find, invisible, not accessible to view. In the greek it means; not shown, secret.


So when the enemy wants to come and beat on you, oppress you, condemn you, trying to get you not to dwell with your Heavenly Father because of performance, or any other thing, realise you are hidden in Christ.

You can be oppressed, have sickness put on you, have your finances robbed just as much as he is allowed to do it to Christ!!! Just as much as Christ deserves it to happen to Him. Which is not at all.

You can’t be touched because Christ can’t be touched.

Know this its your faith that allows things or doesn’t allow things, have this planted firmly in your faith. (you are already hidden in Christ, but you walk wherever your faith is, so believe it and you will get the reward from it). Know the truth and it will set you free.

Many theologians would say being in Christ is only positional, this website exists to tell you this truth is not positional but literal, but just because it is literal does not mean it is manifest. It is your faith that makes literal things real in this world, or better put experienced and manifest.

Do you have sickness? Its not allowed on you! Get rid of it! You don’t have to have it anymore than Christ does! Christ doesn’t have back pain! Christ isn’t oppressed or diseased!

Are you not blessed? You have all spiritual blessings in Christ. God gives to you the same as He would to Christ, (identical). However you are in a faith covenant, to receive it in your personal world, you must believe it. Know it, or it will be robbed from you, so many Christians are robbed, accepting sickness, poor, blind, wretched and naked because they lack knowledge of what God has done for them in Christ. It’s your faith in Christ’s finished work that overcomes this world.

The bible tells us to… Put on the Lord Jesus Christ. By faith hide yourself there, only what can legally be done to Christ (who is God) can be legally done to you.

What can be legally done to Christ? absolutely nothing bad. Therefore all your oppression has be done illegally to you, because you allowed it through lack of knowledge. Fight back,  from the hidden in Christ place!

In-fact the bible tells us we have all spiritual blessings in Christ, everything adding to life and godliness, and He will not hold one good thing back from us, to hold it back from us is to hold it back from Christ.

Can you see how this could transform your world if only you believed it? Realising that both God and the enemy see you and treat you as Christ. If you don’t know this truth the enemy will take all he can from you.

Get up and fight with this! You are… unrevealed, unseen, covert, consealed, covered, difficult to find, invisible, not accessible to view, not shown, secret.

Would Jesus get His prayers answered if He was asking what your asking? Well it is the same for you then.

Now re-read the scripture and take note of every scripture talking about being “in Christ”.

Only Christ is seen (see this story).

Then work both these messages (Governing Laws and Hidden in Christ) until its your normal.

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