Governing Laws

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The spiritual realm has two governing laws…

1. The law of sin and death

2. The law of the Spirit of Life in Christ

What are these two laws and how do they operate?

The first one the law of sin and death, which means the law of punishment, of sin and punishment. All the human law courts (judicial systems) in the world operate under this law, however this message is focusing on the spiritual realm laws, not natural responses to sin.

In the spiritual realm perfection is the measuring tool that the law of sin and death uses to judge everything, therefore those under this law are measured against perfection. Sin means to miss the mark, and even our best righteousness is as filthy rags.

This is the mystery law Paul talks about that was operating between Adam and Moses, this law that caused Adam to die spiritually and all humans since then. All those outside of Christ are under this law. The Jews have a covenant that protects them from this law if they can keep the law of their covenant, but because God added their law only to show sin as very wicked their covenant law is virtually impossible to keep.

If you are in Christ you are not under this law of sin and death, you are not under a measuring stick of perfection, you are not under; “if you sin you die”.

Why are you not under this law? because Jesus paid for perfection to be satisfied in Him.

The problem is perfection always demands justice. Jesus victory was God’s love overcoming God’s own righteousness, He overcame His own need to perfection without even compromising his character at all. How? by bringing all punishment upon Himself in the person of Christ.

This is why He can place you under a different law, the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ. What does that mean? Who is this Spirit of Life? God is the Spirit of Life. What is the law of the spirit of life? the law of the spirit of life is to not condemn you because he himself was condemned for you, so He adds life to you.

When you do wrong God overcomes your wrong by adding life to you. You do something stupid and he adds wisdom, you do something selfish and He adds love. When does He do this? when you come to Him and get ministered to by Him.

Those who need grace the most deserve it the least, that is the difference between these two laws. One deals with you according to what you deserve, the other according to love and what you need to be complete.

Many people wonder why when a prophet comes to town and ministers in their church, why does he not blast that person who is naughty in your congregation, doesn’t this prophet know that person deserves a good blasting? Instead God just adds life.

The bible does say God does reprove us at times, but these times are only when we are being continually disobedient, God is extremely long suffering, graceful and gentle with us.

So the enemy (and half the Christian church) will try and bring you under religion and have you always feeling guilty, condemned and ashamed. The measuring stick of perfection will always be in his hand, saying you don’t measure up. I want to tell you now, throw away that measuring stick, it will just make you like Adam and run away and hide. It is impossible to match up to perfection so stop trying. Be free!!! Take up the gift of righteousness that is free in Christ and live under His abundant grace.

Jesus removed the measuring stick of matching up to perfection from you, He has removed the law of sin and death from you. His word proclaims, there is now, no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus for the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus sets us free from the law of sin and death. Romans 8:1-2

The scripture also says that He has forever perfected those who are being sanctified. Hebrews 10:14.

So if you are living under a cloud of shame always feeling like you don’t match-up, realise you don’t have to match up, He has matched up for you. You are not under the law of sin and death.

I used to think, He who pulls down a hedge will be bitten by a serpent, meaning that the enemy could attack me because i knew I did something wrong and because I was not matching up. But that belief is a lie and a door the enemy uses to get into our personal worlds to rob, kill and destroy.

Don’t believe that lie, and don’t come under that law of sin and punishment, you are not condemned, God will add life to the areas that are lacking and where sin is present, just come to Him freely and ask Him to help you, ask Him to make you whole.

God is for you and not against you. He himself has already made you forever perfect even though you are still being sanctified.

Sin and the law of sin and death has nothing to do with you, does God hide His face from you? NO! He will be adding life to restore you. Just a note of caution; if you are loving your sin you will be grieving the Holy Spirit, as you know God hates sin. His grace is not a licence to sin but a licence to be made whole inspite of your sin. Should we continue to sin then? NO!

So you are free from the law of sin and death; let me ask you… do you accept sickness or attacks to your ministry, finances or any other oppression, because you think you deserve it?

Or do you live with a continual sense of shame? Christianity is not about our performance its about His. Come against the shame and guilt of your performance not matching up. Keep coming into His freedom and it will transform you in the heart, then from the heart you will walk much closer with God than any oppressive law could force you to.

Are you sick? Fight that spiritual oppression by saying, “sickness, I don’t accept you because I am not under the law of sin and death, get off me!” “It does not matter how good or bad I am, as you have nothing to do with me!” “Even if I do sin, you can not touch me” “There is NO condemnation for me as i am hidden in Christ”.

Then continue to weed this law out of your faith, out of you heart beliefs, don’t allow it to be a backdoor into your personal world anymore. What you are actually doing is closing the door to a demonic spirit of religion, that uses the law to increase sin. For the power of sin is the law (1 Cor 15:56).

Stop letting the enemy make you bound by this law of sin and death, you are FREE!!!

See part 2 of this message.. Hidden in Christ


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