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Am I my consciousness?

Am I the sum total of what I think and feel?

If you were a living soul I would say yes, but now that you are a born again life giving spirit, the answer is no.

The direct example of consciousness is the Children of Israel going into the promised land, you are a born again life giving spirit, that like them enters a land, the land is fully inhabited with giants and established fortified cities.

Looking at the human body and what consciousness is, we see it is very much like the frame work of a computer. A computer has a hard drive that stores the operating system, programs and data ready to be accessed. A computer has RAM (Random Access Memory) which is where the computer stores the operating system, programs and data that are currently being used. So one is for holding information that is not being accessed, and the other is for holding information that is being accessed.

That is just like us, we have memory for storage of information not being currently accessed, and we have consciousness, which are the things we are accessing at that point in time (just like computer RAM).

So consciousness is what is being currently accessed at any point in time, for example you are conscious of reading this article, but you may have forgotten to pick-up the kids?

We experience life in this body only through consciousness, you can not be conscious of things that you are not conscious about. Even sub-consciousness like inklings and hunches come into your consciousness to alert you.

Now back to being a born again new creation; the reason people find it hard to completely believe that they are a perfect new creation, is because they are very aware of their conscious life, their thoughts, failings, error, lack. After all if I was perfect wouldn’t I think perfectly?

For this reason alone, most of the church believes in positional salvation, that salvation will happen at the end of this world, this website is all about teaching you it happened when Christ came into your life.

Consciousness is where the machine of this body is controlled, it is like the bridge of a ship, the driver of a car. It is the control room of your life. Information from many sources comes into your consciousness for attention, there we analyse and consider, use or discard the information.

When you were a living soul this consciousness could easily be called “you”, but now we are a new player in the land, we are the born again spirit, we are like the Children of Israel entering the land that is fully inhabited.

We are only one of many voices in the consciousness, the other voices are the thoughts and feelings from our brain and heart, also through our five senses we are getting information from our body and environment, and lastly the spiritual realms. All these things are coming into our consciousness for attention.

You the new creation connect at the heart, if you do not have control of your heart, then your voice will be muffled, this is called walking in the flesh. Your job is to take control of your heart and then your heart will control your consciousness.

The Children of Israel were told to enter the land and to keep themselves separate, drive out the inhabitants, do not make covenants with them, do not marry their sons or daughters, kill them all and even their sheep and goats.

We are to enter the land of this established life, drive out all the old inhabitants, do not take on the identity of the old inhabitants, do not marry its offspring (sins and failing’s) kill everything even the sheep and goats. In other words, everything that you keep that is not the mind of Christ will keep you small and bound to your old life, every sin you identify with and say is your own, will pollute your real new life and make a blurred mess of the two.

Your consciousness is not you, but you should fill it with you, kill the enemies access to it, muffle his voice, silence him so that he finds no place in you.

How? By realising you are brand new, that you are like Christ now because He is your life. Awaken to the fact that your real life is Christ’s perfect spirit and you hidden in Him, from there you are trying to drive this machine through its consciousness.

For you were translated into Christ, born again, in Him, Baptised in Him, from there (His Life) you live. From within His life you are having a go at overcoming everything. Like Galatians 2:20 says, ‘its no longer I who live but Christ, and the life I now live in the flesh’. Most people see ‘the life we now live in the flesh’ as them, not understanding that they are hidden in Christ and the battles and struggles that they see, are only an expression of the battle, of them having a go from with in Christ.

The life they now live and see is not the correct representation of them, but more of a representation of the battle, with all its confusions, lies, deceptions and struggle. From within our perfect new life (Christ) we enter the battle, this soul realm, to learn to overcome by faith and knowledge. We must be renewed in this faith and knowledge of this new life or we will continue to allow the old inhabitants to express through the life we now live in the flesh.

The more you change your identity by knowledge or as the Apostle Paul puts it…

put on the new man, that is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him (Col 3:10)

put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness (Eph 4:24)

The more you put on this new man, in other words change your identity, is the more you will take this old life and drive out its old inhabitants. Apart from God saying do it, what is the fruit of living in the new life? Being able to express Christ (He is light and love) to the world with minimal polluting influence from your old sinful Adam life.

So no your consciousness is not you, especially if its sinful, the reason it feels like you is because you have married your old identity, and the thoughts of the old inhabitants. Purge your heart from the old sinful identity and you (the new you that you are) will be the loudest voice in your consciousness.

  • Flooded by the flesh consciousness equals walking in the flesh.
  • Flooded by the spirit consciousness equals walking in the spirit.
  • Same consciousness different influence, different life outcome.

Sure it feels like you, its your consciousness, its your awareness, its all that you know while you’re in this body. However just like the Children of Israel where not the Hittites or Jebusites  so you are not every thought that goes on in your head. Many times its just the enemy masquerading as you, trying to play you like a musical instrument. However if your thoughts are wrong, the one thing that allows those thoughts is your heart, which gives your conscious mind the ability, and permission to think those thoughts, purge your heart. You are not one who is trying to obey your mind or body you obey the Lord.

Learn to divide soul from spirit (Heb 4:12), your old life from your new life. I tell you the truth, you are not that sinful being, you are a life giving spirit, you only want to give life, stop marrying the old identity and you will be the loudest voice in your conscious life!!!


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