What is Identity?

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It is your personal self image, its your beliefs about yourself. Its your opinion, a mirror that you hold to yourself and say this is me.

However for your new life this natural identity is the wayward steering wheel of your life. Why is it wayward? Because it automatically steers your soul car, when you the spirit behind the wheel don’t drive it. The enemy and your automatic internal truth assessor (what actually writes your identity) are always saying you did that! or you are like this, or you are…..

We get our opinion about ourself (identity) from our assessment of our life, our flaws, faults, shames and prides, skills, heart, interests and hobbies. God says that was old spirit and old heart trained put on the new man opinion of yourself. The new you is not flawed like you were.

Your opinion is typically a pretty fair assessment, some think higher of themselves than they ought and some think lower (regarding the old soul life).

The news is something happened, God changed our lives, He made some changes and we need to catchup with the changes He made or our wayward steering wheel will steer us astray.

Your opinion comes from assessing your life. However God changed our life from the flawed outer man to a perfect inner man. This is what we are to assess now, He has changed our life from your sinful fallen outer man to Christ’s perfect life.

He says as you behold Him, Christ your new life, your opinion about yourself will change from glory to glory, Remember that your soul lives in a belief world only, coz it is made of the intangible, its software, information, operating system, attitudes, opinion, beliefs, knowledge, desires.

So this is all “Remove The Mud” is really teaching you to do, to take your opinion of yourself out of the life you see and on to Christ within, for it is no longer I that lives but Christ, and Christ who is my life, we are teaching you that this is not a wrong assessment it is actually the very real truthful assessment in the spirit realm. All heaven knows it, so do the demons, but do you???¬†

Perfectly illustrated in this story

However if you want to keep your outer life as your identity then your assessment is probably quite true of your life (functional state). But if you do that you are likened to staying Jacob instead of Israel, Adam instead of Christ, Lazarus in the tomb vs Lazarus loosened, pre born-again, just a mere human, living soul and not life giving spirit.

Behold all things have become new….. Change your opinion about yourself, point it Christ ward, because that is really you now. Really really is, all the other stuff you are thinking is encoded within that physical brain and heart, it is only the body you have been born-again into.

You can never go any further, live any different than your identity, with a changed identity everything changes!

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