Thoughts, are they you?

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So you think your thoughts are you?

Have you ever been delivered from demonic influences?

One day you think these unhealthy thoughts and next day (after influence is removed) they are all gone. It might because you received ministry or you just started to walk in the spirit.

So what changed? You didn’t… you are the same you, you’re still the same person but surprisingly you are not thinking those thoughts any more.

One day you are driven, harassed, or just automatically thinking thoughts, the next day they are miles from your thinking.

It doesn’t need to be demonic, it certainly is their influence, the enemy works on a person until they can map the persons thinking in the brains automatic pathways, then the person doesn’t recognise the enemy from themselves.

Once mapped, the enemy doesn’t have to whisper any-more, those thoughts will trigger automatically when the situation arises. The enemy can come and go as they please because that specific territory in the persons brain becomes their ground.

This is the same as the Children of Israel making covenants with the enemy they were suppose to drive out, they said to their enemies ‘you can marry our sons and daughters and live amongst us’. It started by allowing those thoughts (gentiles) in their brain (house).

So what are these demons like? are they 8 foot tall scary monsters? the bible calls Lucifer the lord of the flies. Flies hang around anything dead and smelly, flies are annoying and numerous. When the laughing movement went through the church in the mid nineties people felt like things were sparking on their foreheads. Many said it was demonic because God is not like that, little did they know that it was just the anointing showing up the demonic, showing the flies that are hanging around the dead un-renewed thoughts.

So what am I saying? Am I saying everyone has all these annoying flies? I believe if you are not manifesting the same image and likeness of God the father (if you have seen me you have seen the father) then something else is in its place and that thing is contrary to God, we call it mud, the bible calls it flesh, natural man, the enemy of God (Rom 8).

Jesus said “the enemy came and found no place in me” not in, not on, not connected to, Jesus had taken the land and was completely free and clean.

Now you might say, I am very righteous, and maybe you are compared to others? These things will be buffeting you until come to the full stature and measure of Christ, the fullness of God. We are all wrestling the inhabitants of the land until we kick them out, the Israelites to this day never took the land, and they are a natural picture of the spiritual us.

So back to the main point, just because you think thoughts it doesn’t mean its you, you are C + B = A (see study) and that means most of the thoughts in your head are the old (flesh) you until you learn to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh.

Although you are spirit and perfect with Christ’s life, you live in a very loud brain and body, what does it look like to be totally free from the old mindset and its cling-ons? To have the mind of Christ totally mapped in your brain, and nature of God totally mapped in your heart,   (physical heart has 40,000 neurons that store your desires)? Surely this is the manifest sons of God on the earth, we are the sons of God (non gender specific) but we are not manifest because we have too much pollution, too much mud.

You are the light of the world, you are a new holy creation, let’s remove the mud that blinds.


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Remove the Mud
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