50 Shades of Grey

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The Children of Israel are the type and shadow of the born-again person, they are the direct example of how to and how not to fight this spiritual battle.

They are the physical representation of our spiritual fight, they are flesh (soul), we are born again, we are spirit. we do not fight against flesh and blood (against humans), but against spirits.

There example is loud and clear, the enemy wants them (Israel) destroyed, the devil is very active, attempting to do that to this day.  This is how it is for the born again person, the enemy wants you destroyed and is very active to do that to this day. God and His kingdom is the only deliverer in both the physical and spiritual battles.

Just like there is levels in walking towards victory with God, called the upward spiral, progression forward, these levels from the bottom up are, 1.wandering in the wilderness (many Christians live here), 2. aggressively taking the land, driving out the enemy, 3. enjoying the spoils and rest of a taken city.

There are levels of walking in defeat, backsliding, also called the downward spiral. Remember that the enemy is always trying to infiltrate your heart and mind, and even when there is a siege laid against you it doesn’t mean you are backsliding, it all depends on whether the battle is won or lost, whether you get up again and fight or become a defeated captive. So here are the stages of defeat.

Stage 1. Infiltration, the enemy wants to get into the camp and pollute it, destroy it from the inside out. The Israelites were told not to allow gentiles in their house. They were told to drive them out before them, do not marry or make covenants with them. However many times, through either the weariness of war, trickery or disobedience the gentiles were able to take a foot hold in the Israelites camp, make covenant with them and marry their sons and daughters. This is a direct shadow of our spiritual battle, God says bring every thought captive, don’t allow sin and flesh in your heart, don’t allow it to dwell amongst you, certainly don’t marry it or take on its identity.

Stage 2. Siege, if the enemy cant get in through infiltration then he will look to put you under siege. Siege is where the Children of Israel were attacked by the kings of the land, other cities and giants they had not yet defeated or driven out. Notice it was always another king that sieged them, this means a giant that you have not possessed yet is been stirred by the enemy to come and conquer you. How does this happen? The enemy thinks this is how I can defeat you son or daughter of God, so they send one of your (soul) issues, weaknesses, against you. The encamp you, bombard you, in your dreams in your imagination. If the enemy has accomplished stage 1, then the battle will be so much easier. You will probably allow the bombardment because you allowed the infiltration. You will probably think, I am a wicked person, I am broken and need fixed. No, you are a perfect and complete child of God in a soul battle. Wise up!

Stage 3. Captivity, many times the Children of Israel have been taken captive, the main cause has been through disobedience. God said here is the way forward and they walked another way. Many Christians have been taken captive, they are enslaved in Babylon etc. They have allowed the infiltration, they have allowed the siege, they have given in and believe they are not able to live this Christian life. They believe they are bad and everyone else has got their act together, or they might even be blind to the captivity, taken by a doctrine of devils. Whatever it is, all born again Christians are the very children of God, born of God, born from a above, it is trickery that has infiltrated them, sieged them and carried them away captive. The Apostle Paul calls it, sin the deceitfully wicked thing.

Stage 4. Scattered abroad, the final stage of backsliding is being scattered. this is where the enemy has so infiltrated your thinking that you do not know his thoughts from your own, your thoughts are few in number as he has the house and is in control. God warned the Israelites that they would be scattered abroad and their number would become very few. They would loose their language and their identity. How many Christians are living like this, totally backslidden, walking thinking they gave this Christian thing a go. Little do they know they are a very real son or daughter of the living God, bound and tricked, made defeated and captive by a set of thoughts.

If you could look into them you would find at the very core of them Christ, and you would find that they are sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, you would find that Jesus has never left them or forsake them, and even though they be taken in a terrible sin. He says there is no condemnation. You will find if you look even deeper, they are there hidden in Christ, they are the perfect born again spirit that has been beaten by the giants of the land. This body of death is winning and they have lost their way, they have been contained and made small by sin the deceitfully wicked thing.

What is the answer? What is the way forward? A focused effort to purify your identity, to remove the lies, to regain your true identity, to identify the infiltration (of gentiles) and remove it. Remember who you are. You are a new creation, Christ is your life, you are as He is, this sin is not you, it is not even of you. It was of the old you, do not marry it or allow it in your heart. Wise up, know it is not you even if it feels like you, it only feels like you because it is coming from within your physical heart. It is not you even in the slightest, no, not at all, not one bit, this sin was just a giant you hadn’t taken yet. Don’t identify with your flesh or walk in it or you will be defeated time after time. The problem is an infiltrated identity  and heart (gentiles in your house) and the answer is a purified identity and heart. Know the truth and it will set you free

Be assured a bruised reed He will not break and smoking flax He will not put out, the Lord is always for you, always wants your best and always has your back. How long had the Israelites been scattered abroad? It was only in 1948 they became a nation again. How many times have they become captive? Did the Lord ever forsake them? No. Did they ever take the land? No. Are they under attack to this very day? Yes.

They are the physical example of our spiritual battle. Take note of their battle, their example.

Remember the battle is not to become righteous, as you already are righteous, He has given you His righteousness and proclaims you forever perfected even though you are still being sanctified. So don’t allow sin the deceitfully wicked thing to have any place in your heart, kick him out of your house.

Today is the day to arise, tomorrows arising will never come, today is the day, conquer the now.

You can do it!!

Remember the weapons of our warfare are mighty in God to the pulling down of strongholds. Here is a list of some of these weapons, remember we are fighting spiritual inhabitants, with the support and action of the Kingdom of Heaven.

1. The blood of Jesus: Legal authority, removes the enemies rights, you are not yours you have been brought with a price, the enemy has no legal standing.

2. The anointing breaks the yoke: unless heaven moves nothing changes. You are working with the Lord, you are not alone in this.

3. Faith: It is all yours, the answer is yes and amen.

4. The Word of God: Find a promise then speak to the mountain, doubting nothing, the anointing moves upon your faith.

5. Grace: You don’t earn anything (stop trying) the aim is not to earn the right or even attract God, it is to know the truth, the truth is He gives you grace, God is for you, He loves you, surrender to that, rest in that, only believe!

 6. Repentance: Breaks legal ties, the enemy doesn’t have an argument if you renounce all the errant ways.

7. Armour of God: (these are all activated, put on by believing, eg believe you are righteous and you be wearing the breast plate, (then this will guard your vital spiritual organs, heart etc). Believe you are saved and you guard your mind, don’t believe these things and your armour is not on) The faith is not that you are wearing the armour the faith is that you are righteous, saved, this is how its put on….

  • A. Breast Plate of Righteousness: Know you are righteous, stop trying to be righteous get the righteousness that comes from above and then you will live right.
  • B. Helmet of Salvation: Know you are saved, stop trying to be saved, you don’t earn it, its a gift by faith in His work not yours.
  • C. Shield of Faith: Have a sure confidence that God your father is for you, that He is your shield and He will not let evil befall you.
  • D. Robe of Righteousness: Know you have right-standing before God, don’t earn, don’t shrink back, don’t grovel. He has given you His very own right-standing. Don’t be like Adam and Eve and run and hide, come with a sure confidence in Him.
  • E. Belt of Truth: Proclaim the truth, heavens truth not earth’s, you are healed, you are free, you are righteous, you have authority, God is for you. Earth’s truth may contradict, you maybe as bound as they come down here, but God and the blood say you are free!
  • F. Feet shod with the gospel of peace: Be about your Father’s business, get with heavens program, effect eternity, don’t just exist down here for your little self world.
  • G. Sword of the Spirit: The words and promises that come from God’s mouth frame the universe, use them to battle with, God has never lied, not once!
8. Worship: readjusts your heart, reconnects, removes the place you have given the enemy.
9. The finished work: this is an unknown weapon, its faith that frames you as not a mere human but as a new creation, born again and in the image of your Father, identical to Christ with Christ’s life, and He is God who created all things. This website is all about this finished work. Here is a secret… The anointing and presence of God comes upon faith and proclamation of the finished work of Christ. Repent to become righteous and no presence of God will turn up, cast off your own righteousness and take on the finished work, gift of righteousness, and the anointing and presence of God will be very present confirming your faith.

With these weapons you can make the 50 shades of grey as bright as the morning sun, for you are the light of the world and all of heaven and earth are waiting for you to shine.


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