Everything You Hold Dear

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Upon asking Daddy to remap my mind immediately with the mind of Christ, I said Lord that’s my mind (the mind of Christ) and my nature (divine nature) I want it imprinted into the neurons in my brain and physical heart. Like Noah I want you to take this land so that nothing remains of the old inhabitants.

The answer I got back prompted me to write this page. I felt the Lord say, “I can’t son you would loose everything you hold dear”

It makes one wonder what God is talking about? Is it my love for my wife? Family, Friends? Is it my interests in Sport or Technology?

I don’t believe so…

According to 1 Cor 13 all knowledge will be done away with and all that will remain is Faith, Hope and Love, (here is a clue to the meaning of life, the freewill foundation responses in every proper relationship).

It has led me to believe that this battle in the flesh is treasure, valuable treasure, as no where and in no other time will you be able to battle sin. When you get to heaven you will treasure your wrestle against sin, it would have taught you so much. Look at some of the things we are learning.

We are battling and bringing under control an evil spiritual world that is always trying to play you like a musical instrument. Sin is crouching at the door and wants to rule over you, it has intent, intelligence and is present, Paul said to do good is present with me also to do evil.

So many things we can experience here that we cant in perfection. So many things we can learn in the battle.

The important things out of this whole earth lesson is to be encapsulated in Faith, Hope and Love. 

Faith vs….. all the struggles to trust and believe God in the midst of overwhelming evidence, like you’re are healed when you’re sick!, faith vs. the battles against fear, doubt, unbelief, religion (performance mentality), guilt, condemnation, to battle to believe God and people.

Hope vs….. when all seems lost, hope vs. knowledgeable reasons to have faith are gone, to overcome, to stay positive, to trust God, thou He slay me I will trust Him.

Love vs….. all relationship struggles of life, love vs. trust, indifference, hatred, jealousy, envy, pride,  shame, to battle to love God and people. Not taking advantage of the weak or those with less resources, knowledge or boldness than what we have, or the innocent or vulnerable, not being two faced,

Then all these things will fit into faith, hope and love as well… like the battle over the flesh, to overcome its lusts and desires, its prides and shames. To conquer life’s vanity, selfishness, laziness and waywardness, deception.

In life (heaven) never again will you experience a war against fear, pain, suffering, sorrow, death, hunger, torment, abuse or evil.

This is your place to have a go, hidden in Christ, incorruptible, untouchable, and from that place living out in “the life I now live in the flesh”  (Gal 2:20) to wrestle, to conquer, the treasure is in the battle, not the absence of the battle. The glory is in the conquering (to Him who overcomes… Rev 2,3,)

The fruit of the overcoming is found at home, not just in public appearance but in the privateness of your hidden thoughts and life.

Balancing all the things of life and relationship, being a responsible parent, employee, spouse, human-being, paying your bills, being good, trustworthy, being gracious, kind, loving, joyful, peaceable, being salt, light of the world.

Having self control over your life with the enemy battling…

  • Healthy eating vs. over or under eating, filling your body with junk, or substance abuse, drugs, pills and alcohol.
  • Healthy exercise vs. laziness, letting your body get run down, tired, unhealthy, God has given you this horse to ride don’t kill it before its your time. 
  • Healthy finances vs. getting over your head in debt, being greedy, foolishness in purchasing or gambling, giving away from yourself in love and faith, being generous.
  • Healthy boundaries vs. trespass, and entering others lives in a unhealthy manner. 
  • Healthy Relationship vs. indifference, hatred, bitterness, ungodly ties, abuse, taking advantage of the weak or innocent, gossip.
  • Sexual purity vs. perversion and fantasy, keeping sexuality under control, and your mind away from things that would pervert, pornography in pictures or words, books, moviesInternet, or in your imagination, past sins etc, fantasy
  • Humility vs. pride, vanity, ego, trying to be “better than” out of insecurity, self worship, and even the opposite, self loathing, shame, self harm.
  • Sound mind vs. confusion, despair, depression, delusion, bewildered, lost, being on our guard to stay positive. There is one thing no one can take from you.. your choice to how you are going to respond. There is a lot of loss in this beautiful but also evil horrible world we need to stay on top of it and not let it get on top of us.
  • Healthy emotionally vs. being quick to anger, indifferent, grumpy, argumentative 
Of course I am only touching the tip of the iceberg to all the pressure, stresses and experiences we go through in this earth lesson.
There is no law against these things, in other words you can’t have too much of… 
love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control. These things will tell you how you’re going with the battle. They are the fruit of walking with God and being filled with His Spirit. Gal 5:22-25
If they are not evident in your life then you need to get connected again and abide in Him. 
If we live in Christ let us also walk in Christ.
For those that want that quickening (written about in the previous article)…. Noah’s flood has already happened in Christ, you are coming out of the Ark, and sure there is a big clean-up and there is flood damage everywhere, but the struggle to clean-up and building again is called treasure by the Lord.
This doesn’t negate the Lord quickening your mortal body, but its with your faith in the battle not just God doing it without your engagement. You can get your mind healed by the Lord like you can get your body healed by the Lord.  For surely the mind of Christ and the Divine nature is not only your inheritance its who you are right now in the spirit, for He is your life.
Though a lot of horrible things happen in this evil place enjoy the battle… its precious!

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