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Lets start at the start….

God wanted offspring just like Him but He didn’t want robots or slaves so He had to give them a free will, for this a place (this universe) must be made for they will make a huge mess with this free will and God will have to rescue them from it.

What is needed so they won’t be robots or slaves is the free will foundational ingredients of relationship, which are faith, hope and love. God is the author and finisher of this faith, hope and love and everything He does is to develop it. Everything in this universe was set up for this purpose only and when it is fulfilled all will be done away with.

So the plan was set…

The first thing God created was the position called Christ (the creator who could die for the sins of the creation) Col 1:15, God fulfilled this position Himself then He created the world through this position.

Then He made a creation in the light, called them angels, and a creation in the flesh, called man. He set out to build this trust (and love) in Him and what He says is correct.

Of course there has to be an alternative to grow this trust, for nothing is real unless it is tested, this alternative is something that has to appear very true but is not, and it has to go directly against what God has said. For Adam it was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and I suspect it was the same for the angels.

Lucifer said to His fellow angels, look what God is saying is not true (God calls Him a liar from the beginning), this lie must have appeared so true to the angels that a third of them fell away. The angels that stayed probably only stayed because they had faith, hope or love in God and that kept them with God.They would have said “no! I believe God”, or “No! I know it appears true but I hope its is not”, or “No! I love God”.

God created mankind, Lucifer now renamed Satan deceived Mankind, Mankind fell into sin, death reigned. God will send His Word to save all those who will believe His Word.

God hides Himself from man but shows them His true glory, which is not how bight He can shine but His love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

God added the law to mankind to show them how bad they were and that they would need a saviour, never intending for them to be saved by the law but by His Word.

God the Creator/Saviour/Word came to earth and became a man to cut a new agreement with God the father

This agreement would say that God the creator of all things (Christ) would take the punishment (be a ransom) for the sins of His creation.

The Lord Jesus Christ was to make a payment with His life that would be such an enormous payment that it would satisfy God’s perfect justice forever. One payment made only once.

Jesus came and did this and God was forever satisfied. Those who come to Christ are forever perfected by this payment – forever even though they are being sanctified.

Because of what He has done they are legally proclaimed forgiven and perfect.

This very legal complete agreement between God and Jesus is what we call positional salvation… you are positionally righteous even if you are struggling with issues! This is the salvation the grace movement proclaim and it will transform your life if you will let it, it removes the biggest problem “condemnation” and set you free from performance

This is an important ingredient to freedom from sin, it declares you are not guilty in God’s eyes. You are justified in God’s eyes by faith because of what Christ has done, you are righteous by Jesus’ blood (see Cart Before the Horse).


Part 2

But this salvation is much more than a positional legal salvation, its also literal.

Salvation works like this… God will make a new creation, and give it His life, His perfect Character, Will, Spirit and Mind and Nature. He will do this by cancelling the old creation (by killing it the moment Christ comes into its life), and taking the unique personality and making it brand new – born a second time in Him with His life.

This will be an actual event not a legal ‘on paper event only’.

Every person alive today who has Christ living in them has had this event, this new birth.

This new life is Christ life, they are identical to Him, He is called Christ who your life, they are hidden in Him, baptised in Him, become part of his body, as he is so are they on the earth.

Why do we use Christ’s actual life? because only Christ is perfect and no other human ever will be, this is how God saves you, by killing your old sinful life and translating you into His perfect life then making you alive again.

As far as mankind goes He is the only one saved from the earth, all of the others that will be saved must die and be born-again inside Him, at the end of time God will translate all things in heaven and earth in to Christ. For only one man will be saved from the earth and we who are saved are hidden in Him with His life.

So your only problem now is not a sin problem its an identity problem, God’s has removed condemnation from you for your failings, He tells you there is actually a new life to put on – you already are your new life you just have to put it on your thinking.

When Christ comes into a person He does the miracle of the new birth, it happens so fast so seamlessly the new creation will initially take on the old creations identity. God has done it this way so your new life can absorb from your old life what is precious, ‘all the earth lessons’ and the free will faith, hope and love God is looking for. God clearly instructs His offspring to throw off the old creations identity and take on Christ’s. If they will behold Him as if they were looking in a mirror, their identity will go from glory to glory, if they don’t they will remain trapped their old life.

God says to His children if you want to go from glory to glory you must change your identity. All that is left to do is remove the mud of your old identity by beholding Him as if you are looking in a mirror! 2 Cor 3:18

The easiest way to do that is go to the resurrection and see yourself in Him, brand new and perfect with His resurrected life.

Try it, look at what happened when God rose you with Christ at the resurrection, this is what I mean by dwelling at the resurrection. Then proclaim it, something like this…. Father you have made me brand new, I don’t deserve it, look I am holy, completely forgiven, as saved as Jesus is, as righteous as Jesus, I am perfect because He is perfect, I am not this evil thing I thought I was, its dead and buried! I am alive with Christ’s life…

This is the same as looking at Him, as if you are looking at a mirror and proclaiming His life and nature as yours, proclaim this wonderful salvation.

What a rip off to get to heaven look at your new life and marvel, to fall down and worship and proclaim how wonderful the Lord is and then look back and realise you were like that from the moment you got born again.

Don’t waste your time here with a slave mentality, remove the mud, lets give Jesus His reward due, God’s doesn’t want you to believe you are a worm he wants you to believe in what He has done for you, He gets no pleasure in His new creation acting and living under the bondage of the old creation.

Have you ever noticed God’s tangible presence doesn’t come on your repentance when you’re a Christian? His tangible presence comes on the faith and worship you get from believing the finished work of Christ, and especially when you cast off the old and proclaim the new, this is the new creation repentance! Any other repentance is the old identity under the law, trying to get right with God.

As you put your faith in this finished work you will feel the pleasure of God, as His anointing comes to change you from glory to glory!!

…as He is in heaven so are you on the earth!

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