Where are we going?

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When you were first born your brain slowly developed self awareness, your thinking patterns, it mapped your identity and knowledge of your environment etc.

You have always thought with that machine inside your head, right through from a baby, toddler, child, young adult, until now. You know nothing else but these thoughts, everything you think comes through your conscious thoughts.

You were born into this world as what the bible calls “the natural man”.

This is what this website calls the outer man identity, MUD, flesh, Adam.

When we got born again, that is what actually happened, we got born again, a Kainos which is the Greek word for… a brand new better type of creation. We are the new creation on the inside, what the bible calls “the inner man”, it is an absolute disaster that we remain with the outer man’s identity.

Sadly through lack of knowledge this is where nearly the whole church is, they are the inner man walking around with the outer man’s identity.

Sure as you can see in this article Different Christian World-views On New Creation, many people have a mixture of old and new creation, but they nearly all have the same foundation, which they will say is Christ, this website refutes that and says their foundation hasn’t changed they still identify themselves as the outer man.  No foundation can be laid but Christ, if we are living with the outer man identity we are not building on Christ we are still building on Adam.

An outer man with the new covenant grace message can only get one so far!

We want to live in this world with our identity correct, what use was it to Lazarus to be raised from the dead if He just kept his stinking death clothes on and lived in the tomb, with a little dull oil lamp?

Where are we going? We are removing the outer man identity? Does that mean we go to extremes and say, I renounce my childhood, family and everything that happened to my life before I was born-again? NO!!, this is how God saves your earth lesson, by putting you back and you being connected to your old soul’s memories.

Old soul? yes its dead but your old memories are encoded in your brain and physical heart. These are precious, these are life lessons on sin and evil, the development of Faith, Hope and Love, the foundation of the grace and unearned favour of God and all the other foundational things God is teaching us before we leave the womb of this life.

We are to redeem the land, the children of Israel owned the land before they went into slavery in Egypt, then they were put back into the land to take it back. Can you see that’s a picture of us? We were in the land (as the first born natural man) taken as slaves to sin, and re-entered the land as the son’s of God.

We are on the journey from Jacob to Israel, remember Jacob’s name got changed to Israel, God changed his identity from Jacob (means thief) to Israel (He who strives, will  be a prince with God).

God slowly transitioned His identity by talking to the old identity and the new identity, He says “Oh Jacob, and Israel who I love”, many times God talks to both His identities until He transitioned Him.

This is your journey today, God wants you to renew your mind, What to? a new identity,

Eph 4:23-24 be renewed in the spirit of your mind; and that you put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness!

 Col 3:9-10 for you have stripped off the old self with its doings, and have put on the new man, that is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him.

Let me paraphrased those scriptures… You are righteous and truly holy and will only know this if you’re renewed in knowledge, the knowledge that you’re same identical image of your father, Almighty God! That’s what those scriptures are saying, look again!

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