What happens if I sin?

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What happens if I sin?

With the law of repentance moved aside now lets look at how a Christ-like new creation repents, say you get tricked by the enemy and you mess up, you did something really really wrong.

Firstly there is no condemnation for you, there is no law pointing the finger at you.
Secondly Christ is your life, you are born again incorruptible, He can not be corrupted. You remain both positionally righteous and literally righteous, God’s grace covers you.

Regarding the sin: You allowed the enemy access to express through you, you identified with the sin saying it was you and your desire. This is what needs to be rectified, IT WASN’T YOU!, you are just living out what you identify with. You allowed the old sinful neurons to fire and habitual pathways to stay active in your brain. You are so easily tricked if you have your identity in the flesh.

But this is the battle, this is taking of the land. God said to the Israelites (they are the example, the shadow of our battle with the flesh) go into the land, keep yourself separate, don’t allow gentiles in your house, don’t marry their sons and daughters and don’t allow them to live, drive them out before you.

By taking on the flesh’s sins and identifying them as your desire you have allowed the gentiles into your house, you have made covenants with them, married their sons and daughters, joined yourself to the old dead life.

This needs to be purged out of your mind and heart, and especially your identity (which is in your heart), this is how I do it, I confess it as sin, I confess it as an evil thing, I turn my back on it and hate it, never once do I confess it as me (because it isn’t, its this body of death I live in and sin the deceitfully wicked thing). I wash myself with the truth (called a spiritual shower – unless you shower everyday of this Adam flesh you will stink of it).

How do I wash myself, I confess the finished work, I go to the resurrection, I re-establish my identity as perfect righteousness, I reconfirm in my heart that sin has no place in me, never once is there any condemnation, its just part of the battle. It got in through the heart (which is your minds guard) so it must be removed from the heart.

The blood of Jesus is for the first born (your old soul life), the outer man, when you tread into that territory the blood will cleanse your heart from a guilty conscience.

What about repercussions? there is always repercussions to sin, firstly you excite the enemy that he has found place in you, and will hang around because he wants to map your brain with his sinful ways. Quickly shower off the sin because like annoying flies the enemy will hang around until you shoo them away a few times. Secondly there could be natural repercussions, you break the law of the land and the police will punish you, you sleep around you catch a disease, you hurt someone you have to apologies and re-establish love.

We fight from perfection, from a perfect new creation inside and wrestling against a sinful body of death, – when we mess up we re-establish that perfection, this is the greatest repentance there is, its better than the grovelling the ‘repentance law’ demands, it is better than human sorrow, it produces a godly sorrow. How? because when you really, really realise you are perfect being inside your body of death it breaks your heart that you allowed that sin, especially when you understand that God’s grace continues to proclaim you righteous. You feel like you are ripping off and abusing your wonderful father, you are treading on His wonderful grace, – sin is not of us lets remove it!

God’s advice is put on the new man (new identity – as you are the new man) and take off the old.

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