Awakening to Righteousness

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As we go through this life we get taught we are as righteous as our behaviour.  Though this is true in a worldly sense there is two other types of righteousness that we need to learn. These are God’s plan of righteousness and they are essential to live the Christian life.

It is important that as Christians we understand these two righteousness’s as they will set us free to run instead of crawl. Living by the righteousness of your behaviour will have you trying to pull yourself off the ground by your shoe laces. It will make you bound in religion and always trying to be good enough to stay saved, it will also produce condemnation as it is nearly impossible to match up to perfection.

There is a righteousness that comes from above…

But now apart from the law, a righteousness of God has been revealed, being testified by the law and the prophets; even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ to all and on all those who believe (Rom 3:22).

It is offered to you as His gift, in-spite of your behaviour.

For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; much more they who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ. (Rom 5:17)

There are two awakenings to this righteousness that comes from above. They both are equally important, one comes after the other. One is for an outer man identity and the other is for the inner man identity. One is for when you are struggling to live right and the other is awakening to the real truth of salvation.

Make sure you have at least the first truth as your foundation.

Truth 1 – Positional Righteousness

This righteousness says, my righteousness is a gift from God, I do not earn it, Jesus earned it. I am hidden in Him by a legal covenant and God declares He is my life. So while I am down here struggling through life, He remains my life. Whatever He has done has been given to me, the very essence of who He is has been given to me. Because He is incorruptible, my life remains incorruptible. So my righteousness is not found in me, it is found in Christ in God, and because of that I am the righteousness of God in Christ, always; whether I sin or not, whether my behaviour is excellent or rotten, it is a gift and it is in Him not in me. The only way to become unrighteous is to become removed from Christ, is that even possible? The Church is awakening to this righteousness at the moment.

Truth 2 – Literal Righteousness

This righteousness goes a step further, it is the realisation that this righteousness has  happened inside of us. It is the realisation that this righteousness is not just a legal, positional righteousness, that will be imputed to us on the final day, but is an event that has actually happened. Because we live very much in the flesh and are always wrestling against it, we are very aware of our imperfection. This website goes to much effort to awaken the believer to this literal righteousness, we emphasise that it is very real and that you are already like Him now.

When you have a new creation, inner man identity rather than a new creation outer man identity, you transition from positional righteousness to literal righteousness. What is the difference between these two identities?

  • The outer man identity, believes it is what it sees, I am what my conscious mind thinks but I have a new spirit, they see the spirit like a motor, like a new engine. So they are still the soul with a new spirit.
  • The inner man identity says I am the new creation, I don’t have a new spirit I am the new spirit. They see soul as the software engine of the life not the spirit. The soul software is full of the old life that was crucified and the record of it is widely mapped throughout the brain and heart. Why do I call it soul software? Because this soul was crucified and all that remains are the recordings of it, you the living soul died and got born again in to Christ as a life giving spirit. You are a spirit with a soul rather than a soul with a spirit.

So literal righteousness says you are perfect right now. It says the struggle you struggle against is only old soul software inside your brain and heart. If you took off your body, the fog of this life would disappear and you would realise you are completely like Him now, Why? because like positional righteousness says, “He is my life”. You would realise it happened when you got born again, you would realise that all things really have passed away and Behold all things really have become new. You would realise that It is no longer the old you that lives but Christ who lives.

When you have a soul identity you identify with the life you now live in the flesh, however; though this appear true, you are not this person you see. To do this is identifying with the old Adam creation, rather than the new life that you are. We need to awaken and catch-up to the salvation we have been saved with, we are a new being inside our old beings body.

The reason why its important to understand positional righteousness is because, if you get off into the flesh, you need a seamless transition back into the spirit. The flesh always produces guilt and condemnation, these will have you on a slippery slope, sliding away from God, however positional righteousness will have you on a slippery slope, sliding back to God, one will make you a backslider the other a front slider!

Both these righteousness’s ought to set you free to live for Him from a position of freedom and thanksgiving, rather than your behaviour and pressure to perform.

Remember behavioural righteousness equals either self righteousness or condemnation, there is no sweet spot.

We are both positionally righteous and literally righteous by the gift of God, but they will do you no good in this life if you wont receive it into your faith.

Therefore receive the gift of righteousness and the gift of abundant grace, you already have it, you just have to believe it in your identity.

Start with knowing you are positionally righteous, if you have that secured then move on to understanding you are literally righteous.

Can you see the freedom in believing this? Now, that is something to yell about and praise Him for!

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