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The children of God need to awake from their sleep, many whole hearted followers  would say “Hey, I’m not asleep, I am mature and fired up and living wholeheartedly for Jesus”, could it be you are still asleep in that mature and fired up state? yes!

Its not an awakening to commitment, passion or fruitfulness we are talking about, its an awakening to what Jesus has done for you when He rose you from the dead.

The Holy Spirit moves on faith, (the activated word of God), just as you can be fired up and mature but still have sickness, so you can have dormant promises of God in your life, things that block the word of God from bearing fruit in you.

What blocks? We are talking about the big things that everyone takes for granted, the construct that you live in, your understandings of this life and its limitations, who you are and where you fit and especially how all things fit together.

Because we approach the world from a very small minded religious view point we miss the whole purpose of life on earth, we lock ourselves into mere human limitations that keep us smaller than we ought be.

Don’t get the wrong idea, we are not talking some new age philosophy, we are talking 100% bible, 100% Christ, (for the Lord Jesus is God in the flesh), we are talking about understanding what He has done and why He has done it. It is easy to tell error, exaggerate any idea by a thousand and you will see its error, multiply this teaching by one thousand and all you come up with is Christ!

Jesus said about preconceived ideas, Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which you have delivered: and many such like things do you. and again you have made the word of God without effect because of your teaching.

We want to make the dormant word of God come alive in you and heal you from the preconceived ideas that have kept you asleep and small. We invited you to go through the identity series and we pray that you will begin to awake, and arise from the dead into the finished work of Christ.


Remove the Mud
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