Have you got the Paradigm shift?

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How do you know when you have the Paradigm Shift?

When you stop saying I have, and start saying I am.

When you stop seeing from the outside in and you start seeing from the inside, out.

When you realize you are perfect, right now and will never be anymore perfect than now.

When it dawns on you that you are the complete, perfect, glorious new creation right now.

When you no longer see any sin as you but the sin within your sin encoded body.

When you realize you are righteous with his righteousness.

Holy with His holiness.

Glorious with His glory.

Beautiful with his beauty.

Complete with His completeness.

When you realized you have never sinned; (for the new creation can not sin, 1 John 3:9, nope, it can’t, it is like saying Christ sins, anyone who argues with that doesn’t understand salvation).

When you understand you the new life has never been grubby, sinful, polluted, ashamed, dulled, tainted, even in the midst of struggle.

When you understand your consciousness is no longer you, however you live in it, and your instruction is to redeem it.

When you understand your consciousness, (all that you are conscious of), can be grubby, sinful, polluted, ashamed, dulled, tainted, but it is not you, when you realize it is not you, you break its power, this is true repentance.

When you see yourself risen with Him and proclaim your life is identical to His, hidden in Him.

He has never been anything less than perfect and same with you, for you have always been one with Him since you got born again in Him.

Once this paradigm starts becoming your conscious state it starts to change your consciousness from glory to glory.

Yes, you will know when you get the paradigm shift, once you get it, it will start unlocking all the scripture for you. Until then its veiled in Adam. Only in Christ the veil is removed, (Christ, meaning a conscious state of being one with Him, not a positional place that your old life hides).

The sons and daughters of God are blinded by their humanity, awake and rise from the dead and Christ will give you light.

You have never dulled or stopped shining once, since you were born-again, you are a spiritual being, and you shine with His life in the spiritual realm. Don’t let this conscious, soul state blind you to living anything less than like Him.

For as He is so are you on the earth (1 John 4:17).

It is time to renew your mind.

Since you have been born-again you can say this now…

I have never dulled,

I have never been anything less than glorious,

I am perfect, complete and glorious,

I am the light of the world.

I am as He is.

I am one with His light and love,

I am one with His mind,

I am one with His righteousness,

I am one with His nature,

I am one with his Spirit.

We are one. Christ in God and me in Christ.

Now do you see who your enemy is when you do that? Yes, its your flesh, the mud, the natural fallen human gunk, that contradicts the truth.

Have fun, stop identifying with the outer man..

To be continued….

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