True resurrection identity is coming to light

We believe the correct Christian identity is just about to be restored to the church, it has been hidden in plain view since the writings of the apostle Paul – but it needs a paradigm shift to get it and especially to live it. We would be surprised if any pastor, prophet, apostle, teacher and theologian alive today has the complete and correct Christian identity, if they did it would be very hard to conceal.

Our identity has been scripturally hidden in plain sight by incorrect mindsets and worldviews, thus making the word of God dormant in the area of identity. Just as healing was dormant since the early church and not largely manifest in the church until a hundred years ago, (and still not fully manifest in many churches because of incorrect doctrines) so identity is coming… get ready because soon you will be amazed to find who God has really made you in Christ… 

Without a doctrine [“a body of teachings” or “instructions”] there is nothing to apply faith to, a doctrine takes the jigsaw pieces of a subject in the word of God and puts them all together to show how it plainly works in everyday life, without it you believe a scripture here and a scripture there but its too disconnected to reconcile into your life to change your whole worldview; so the word of God remains dormant awaiting a doctrine.  The doctrine is coming… apply faith to it and we believe the Holy Spirit will quicken your mortal body to state never seen on the earth before.

The day will come when many Christians will be quickened by the Holy Spirit and risen from the dead while they are still on earth, they will be called ‘Christ like’, they will do greater works than Jesus, they will be the holiest move of God on the earth, they will come from all walks of life and walk in the fullness of Christ. They will be the manifestation of the sons of God on the earth; if the ministry of death made Moses face shine how much more glory the ministry of grace. This is the power of the age to come… the age of the manifest sons of God on the earth.

With a quickened identity everything changes… 

Catch up…

This website is not written to mere humans but to those born again from above, it is focused on awakening you the sons and daughters of God who are asleep in your old human life.

Christians are instructed to awaken, to rise from the dead, and Christ will give us light, in other words we have been instructed to wake up, catch up, realise, and come into an understanding of what Jesus actually did for us when He crucified us in Him and then rose us from the dead in Him.

The fact is Jesus has finished the work at Calvary, this Christian life is a life of ‘catch-up’ of learning to believe the truth, or not believe the truth at our own peril. You can believe the world is flat if you want but it isn’t true, the truth is the truth.

This website will attempt to show you son or daughter of the Most High how to awake to the truth, align to the truth so that you can live in the newness of life. For “it is finished” and you “are complete in Christ” for “All old things have disappeared, and-look!-all things have become new”. Come with us and we will show you how the truth fits into your ‘real world’.

Jesus said: You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Our Mission is to remove the mud

The sons and daughters of God ought to dwell in unapproachable light with their father, but instead most are hiding in shadows from Him because they have the mindset of their old (Adam) life.

The first Adam was made of the mud, and just like clouds stop the sun from shining on the earth so having this old Adam mindset (mud) stops you the new creation walking with God properly. You are the light of the world, but if the mud stops you from shining the enemy wins, then God, you and those that are perishing loose.

This website’s focus is on removing the mud of Adam and bringing peoples faith completely into Christ’s finished work. So awake, remove the mud for it blocks and taints everything.

Our dream is that you might become all that God intended you to become in Him – which is the fullness of Christ, and live no longer like a mere human.

How to use this website: The bible says too much honey at one sitting makes one sick, so don’t gorge yourself, take in small amount or else it will become mind numbing, there is way too much belief challenging information to absorb in just a couple of sittings.

Remember information with application makes transformation.

We pray that amongst the many words you will find much treasure.


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Remove the Mud
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 4 reviews
 by Percy Vilakazi

I feel like I just peeled off a layer of who I thought I was… Thanks a million for this

This is the unadulterated word of God in simplicity

WOW!! I am changing my Life with this

Thank you sir

 by Hilton McKnight
Praise God for this site...

Some things I saw dimly, now I see clearly. Some things were distance, but are now close.

I find myself returning to this site often to be filled with the truths that are found within, and hope that there will be more revelations to come.

It has been awhile since the last update, I pray that all is well with Shaughn Hanna and those in Christ that have made this site possible.

God Bless You All !

 by Christine Swallow
EXACTLY what I have needed

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your web site. I stumbled upon it when I typed in identity scriptures....it has been EXACTLY what I have needed. I have been a follower of Christ for 20 years but right now I have needed to go deeper and I began to go after him and ask him HOW to stop living out of myself and how to start living from the Christ that is within me. Your writings have been a catalyst for this and I know God directed me to your website. Blessings to you. If you need any help, please let me know.

In Christ,


Chicago, IL

 by William Ballard
I have been studying your teachings and want more!

Hello, just wanted to say I think both of your websites are great! Any plans on adding new information? Ever thought about writing a book? If not - you should. I think you are right on target with your teachings.

They have been a great help.

I have been studying your teachings and want more!



Michigan, USA

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  1. Welcome to our newly updated Remove the Mud website, yes we left the website unsupported for two years, stay tuned as we have two years of further revelation to upload.

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